About me

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Let me first start by saying thanks for being here!

My name is Alysha, I'm a Wife and a Momma. A Hairstylist, and most importantly, a Photographer!

And while you may know me as Life Through a Shutter Photography, I also have an extreme passion for Boudoir Photography and I decided to take that to a whole new website and keep things seperate!

I absolutely love photography. I love the way it makes my clients feel, the way it makes me feel. Even the worst picture will become the best picture when it’s all you have left. Which is what drives me and motivates me every time I pick up my camera. It’s not just “taking pictures” it’s freezing time, creating memories, it’s capturing and giving you one moment to have forever! To remember how you felt in that very moment when it was taken. And that is what I aspire to give every single person that sits in front of my camera. Not just a picture. But a memory to have forever.

I lost my mom at a young age, sometimes there’s a lot that I forget. And then I pick up a photograph and suddenly all the memories flood back in. What we used to do together, what she cooked for dinner, How she would wait at the bus stop for me to get home from school and welcome me with wide open arms. How before everyday of school, she would position me in front of the same spot in our kitchen and take my picture with my new school outfit on, (yes, she spoiled me). But all of those memories, I have because I have the photographs. Those are the photographs I cherish most of all!

Being a Boudoir Photographer does the same thing! I know what you’re thinking.. How?! Boudoir is a very empowering movement. It makes women feel great about themselves! In ways they didn’t even know they could feel! And when they look back at those images, they will know how they felt at that very moment it was taken! Strong, fierce, beautiful, sexy. All things that woman should feel everyday! Embracing who you are is the key to bring out your best self in these photos. Everyone is beautiful in your own way, there are no requirements for Boudoir photography, no limitations, no judgement. As women we are here to lift each other up! And that’s exactly what I am going to do! If Boudoir is something you’ve been tossing around, NOW is the best time to do it. And I promise, you will NOT regret it!

I cant wait to show you how beautiful you are!

Alysha Anger

Worcester, Ma Photographer